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Competition and investor expectations are higher than ever.  Managing a successful discovery lab requires agility, focus and the ability to make progress at every step.

Rilas Technologies provides an innovative service model that helps medicinal chemistry labs meet and exceed business and scientific goals.

  • Rilas In Sourcing™ provides a proven, superior alternative to outsourcing that supports breakthrough science for your discovery labs. With our expert employee chemists in your lab, you gain hundreds of compounds a week and 100% utilization immediately.
  • Rilas Rapid Response™ will respond in 24 hours to help diagnose a problem associated with a purification instrument. Rilas can resolve basic configuration or minor hardware issues, or, advise the best way forward for repair.
  • Rilas Lab™ has the fastest turnaround time for chiral and achiral separations on the market. We have over 95% success rate since inception.
  • Rilas Consulting™ helps start-up labs choose optimum instrumentation, create methods and establish best practices.

If you want to get the most from your discovery investment, please call or write us today.


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