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Rilas Rapid Response™

Why wait when you need help with purification instrumentation problems?

Rilas Rapid Response will respond in 24 hours to help diagnose the problem. Rilas can resolve basic configuration or minor hardware issues, or, advise the best way forward for repair.

Rilas Rapid Response™

Instrument downtime adds to the complexity of keeping a drug discovery lab productive.  Rilas’ team of experts have worked with all types of purification instrumentation for decades. This in-depth knowledge and experience allows our scientists to quickly diagnose problems that have to do with the instrument or the reason the instrument is not producing the desired results.

When systems fail, the amount of time needed to initiate a service call and get the equipment up and running again will result in backlogs that can frustrate chemists and limit productivity. With Rilas Rapid Response, our experts respond immediately to determine the type of repair your instrument requires. Method set-up, basic configuration and minor hardware issues can be resolved by Rilas whereas major issues can be referred to the equipment vendor.

In addition, Rilas will help initiate and manage equipment installations and repairs, allowing your chemists to focus on the work that matters most.