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Rilas Lab™

Fastest turnaround time for chiral and achiral purifications on the market.

Rilas Lab™ provides fast and affordable chiral and achiral separations with a greater than 95% success rate. With analytical and preparative SFC and mass directed HPLC  equipment, Rilas is capable of milligram to tens of grams scale separations.

Rilas Lab™

Rilas Lab™ provides world-class purifications for clients all over the world. For achiral separations Rilas uses a state of the art Agilent 1290 automated purification system and can turn singletons under half a gram around in one day and libraries in five days. For chiral separations Rilas has developed an efficient and effective use of supercritical chromatography (SFC) technologies.

Additional information about Rilas Lab™

·         Preparative chiral separation from milligrams up to 50 g quantities of discovery research compounds, templates, intermediates, drug candidates

·         Achiral purification mg to gram quantities of singletons and libraries of compounds

·         Enantiomeric and diastereomeric excess confirmation of starting materials, intermediates and final products

·         Automated method development for chiral and achiral separations

·         High-throughput UPLC/MS QC of compound collections up to 1000 compounds/week

·         Repeat literature analysis

·         Purity analysis by UPLC/MS



·         Waters SFC Investigator

·         Waters SFC 80

·         Agilent 1290 Mass Directed Automated Purification System

·         Waters I-Class AcQuity UPLC/MS with Qda

·         Genevac EZ-2

·         Buchi Rotavapors

·         Biotage V-10


We provide free pick up and delivery within the Metro Boston area. Additional services are coming soon. Check back often. 


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