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Our Team

Rilas employees include:

Laszlo Varady, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO.

Laszlo has built his career successfully creating scientific advantages that help businesses reach their goals.

With 30 years experience in organic and surface chemistry, separation science and biochemistry, Laszlo’s comprehensive understanding of both synthesis and purification is unsurpassed.

He founded Rilas Technologies in 2009 to offer groundbreaking services to medicinal chemistry labs that are tasked with meeting both operational and scientific challenges.  An industry game changer, Rilas In Sourcing™ eliminates all of the inefficiencies of outsourcing at a competitive price.   With this service, companies increase utilization, reduce costs and focus medicinal chemists on discovery.

Laszlo and his team of chemists also provide world-leading purification and separation services through Rilas Lab™, Rilas Rapid Response™ and Rilas Consulting™, so that scientists from any size company can benefit from Rilas’ expertise.

Prior to founding Rilas, Laszlo worked as a Vice President at Anthill Technologies, where he managed the company’s high throughput purification and analysis.

Laszlo spent almost nine years at ArQule where he managed the Application Development group and developed solid phase synthetic methods on Agarose leading to a set of ligands for protein affinity chromatography.

Prior to ArQule Laszlo was Director of Surface Chemistry at PerSeptive Biosystems where he developed a wide range chromatographic stationary phases based on a coated polystyrene for biomolecule separations.

Laszlo got his M.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph. D. in Biochemistry from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.  He also completed post-doctoral work with Professor Csaba Horvath, Ph.D., of Yale University, and Professor Fred Regnier, Ph.D., of Purdue University.

Laszlo holds numerous patents and has published a number of papers.

Laszlo and the Rilas chemists provide unwavering support and unsurpassed service to our clients.

Ray Himmel

Chief of Operations, Executive Vice President

Ray Himmel joined Rilas Technologies in 2016 as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

In his position, Ray is helping to expand Rilas’ services to eliminate the need for outsourcing in early discovery as well as to provide expertise so that medicinal chemists can focus on science rather than routine work.

An experienced marketing and operational executive, Ray has spent almost 20 years in the life sciences industry, helping companies streamline operations and maximize profitability.

Previously he was Sr. Director of Sales for Persistent Corporation, where he provided a variety of services to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Life Sciences and Healthcare divisions.  Prior to that he worked for 15 years in positions of increasing responsibility for Waters Corporation where he developed expertise in separations technology and worked with leading scientists in academia and the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Ray attended the London Business School and recently was selected and completed the competitive Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Eric Carlson, M.S.

Senior Scientist

Highly skilled in the production of libraries and focused sets of drug-like molecules, Eric contributes his industry experience and passion for purification to help Rilas clients achieve their goals.

Prior to joining Rilas, he worked for seven years as a principal researcher at Eisai Inc., and for almost 13 years as a chemist for Novartis and Ciba-Geigy.  

Eric is an expert in parallel synthesis and automated purification of analogs.  He is also an advanced user of laboratory automation and instrumentation and is skilled in developing chemistry workflows to efficiently synthesize, purify, quantify and distribute large compound sets.

He holds 4 patents, and has published 6 papers.

Eric received his M.S. in Chemistry from Oregon State University and his B.S. in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University.