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A passion for developing efficient processes to improve the productivity of early discovery labs led Laszlo Varady, Ph.D., to found Rilas Technologies in 2009. 

The Ultimate Expert

Laszlo completed post-doctoral work at Yale University under the guidance of Professor Csaba Horvath, Ph.D., and at Purdue University with Professor Fred Regnier, Ph.D.

Since that time, Laszlo has worked with almost all commercially available forms of HPLC/UPLC and purification systems, developing unique processes that create powerful results within medicinal chemistry labs. 

Laszlo was the first to publish affinity chromatography on sub 2 micron particles. Laszlo also developed a hydrophilic coating technology for polystyrene resulting in a wide range of high-performance stationary phases for protein purifications.

Unwavering Support of Medicinal Chemists

Rilas has created a series of focused, groundbreaking services whose sole purpose is to free medicinal chemists from routine work so that they can pursue scientific discovery.

The hallmarks of Rilas’ services are pragmatism, simplicity and contribution. With deep expertise, Rilas helps discovery labs improve productivity, utilization, costs and breakthroughs.

Unique Service Models

Rilas has identified several significant opportunities to support the mission and goals of the drug discovery lab.

  • Rilas In Sourcing™ reduces inefficiencies of outsourcing by placing Rilas’ expert chemists on site, at the client’s bench top.   Guaranteeing same-day results, Rilas also provides 100% utilization and efficiency.
  • Rilas Rapid Response™ serves a serious market need for customers whose instruments are not working properly. Rilas Rapid Response™ guarantees an on-site troubleshooting visit within 24 hours. (Initially in New England)
  • Rilas Lab™ provides fast and affordable chiral and achiral separations with a greater than 95% success rate. With analytical and preparative SFC and mass directed HPLC  equipment, Rilas is capable of milligram to tens of grams scale separations.
  • Rilas Consulting™ demonstrates the Rilas passion for creating scientific best practices.   Rilas Consulting™ works with companies to develop a purchasing strategy, methodology and work flow to maximize efficiency and productivity.