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About Us

Rilas Technologies (Rilas) supports breakthrough discovery science through innovative services.  We have created a unique purification process that integrates into medicinal chemistry labs, allowing our customers to improve the efficiency of their overall synthetic process and permitting them to focus on scientific innovation.

With a deep understanding of scientific processes and equipment, the Rilas In-Sourcing Model™ helps reshape long-term laboratory outcomes.   With Rilas chemists on site, our customers gain significant cost savings and time which can be allocated to fine tuning strategic goals for new drug development.

Rilas Lab™ offers chiral separation and high throughput QC compound services. Rilas Consulting™ provides the expertise necessary to create a new lab and establish best practices.   Rilas Rapid Response™ offers a critical 24-hour troubleshooting service response for customers who cannot afford to wait days or weeks for a routine service appointment.