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Why settle for less in your discovery lab?

Rilas In Sourcing™ provides a proven, superior alternative to outsourcing that supports breakthrough science for your discovery labs. With our expert employee chemists in your lab, you gain hundreds of compounds a week and 100% utilization immediately.

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Why wait when you need help with purification instrumentation problems?

Rilas Rapid Response will respond in 24 hours to help diagnose the problem. Rilas can resolve basic configuration or minor hardware issues, or, advise the best way forward for repair.

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Fastest turnaround time for chiral and achiral purifications on the market. 

Rilas Lab provides fast and affordable chiral and achiral separations with a greater than 95% success rate. With analytical and preparative SFC and mass directed HPLC  equipment, Rilas is capable of milligram to tens of grams scale separations.

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Why not partner with Rilas experts?

As consultants, Rilas can help if you are in the process of setting up a new discovery lab. 

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Discover Breakthroughs

Rilas Technologies supports breakthrough discovery science through innovative services.

A passion for developing efficient processes to improve the productivity of early discovery labs led Laszlo Varady, Ph.D., to found Rilas Technologies in 2009. Rilas has created a unique purification process that integrates seamlessly into synthetic chemistry labs resulting in increased efficiency and higher productivity.

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